P&A INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING is an international firm, providing services to a wide spectrum of multinational corporations doing business in Bali, as well as to the local expat community. It also represents Balinese and Indonesian interests worldwide, in particular in the USA and in Europe. Of the small number of international firms, P&A holds a unique position having a direct link to its associated international law offices (Pinci&Associates PLLC, www.pincilaw.com) in the USA (New York) and in Europe (Milan, Rome, Genova, Florence and Naples, and Athens), Greece and thus is able to serve its clients in Bali conveniently and efficiently in both Europe and in the USA. Each office is staffed by attorneys qualified to appear and litigate in the local courts.

P&A INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING provides international and domestic legal consulting and advisory services, particularly in the real estate and sector corporate, for joint ventures, acquisitions and investments, including business negotiations and commercial  agreements; assistance, consulting and advising clients on commercial  distribution and business matters in general (including fashion, and retail  sectors) and intellectual property licensing and related matters, technology and audiovisual rights, international commercial matters, telecommunication, energy, waste management and processing sectors, broadcasting and movie distribution and production matters; and all property management services; coordinating and interfacing of behalf of clients with local professionals and government officials, such as, by way of example, project managers, lawyers, attorneys, bankers, accountants, engineers, architects, builders, in order to advise clients on corporate structures, investment strategies and acquisition, sale and/or reorganization matters.

P&A INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING provides Indonesian Litigation and arbitration service through its team of Indonesian lawyers, admitled to practice and appear in court in accordance with Indonesian laws and regulation.